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Trogir, small town near Split with 12 000 inhabitants and average summer temperature: 27° C, is situated on the stone and the sea, a wonderful Mediterranean town on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia.

It is situated only 24 km far from Split and only 8 km far from Split airport. Trogir is famous for its old town center enlisted as UNESCO site of world heritage. Trogir is also known for lively summer nights. Next to Trogir lies island of Ciovo with idyllic small villages, beaches, and hidden bays ideal for swimming. Ciovo is small island conected by bridge with Trogir and ideal for your holidays.

Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Mastrinka, Arbanija and Slatine are parts of Ciovo and they are 2-12 km far from Trogir.

Average air temperature throughout the year is above 15°C, reaching more than 30°C in summer. Sea temperature is well above 23°C during summer period.

5 must see in Trogir:

The cathedral of St. Lawrence with Radovan's portal. This famous Romanesque portal dates back to the 13th century. The cathedral changed its appearance several times during the past, and in the 16th century it was attached with a Mannerist bell tower. The cathedral, together with the whole Trogir town center was recognized as UNESCO site of world heritage.

Fortress Kamerlengo situated at west end of Trogir islet, built by Venetians in Xlll - XV century as a naval base for their navy forces in this part of Adriatic. It is named after town Magistrate Camerarius. Nowadays, fortress is multimedia center with open air cinema and stage for various cultural events.

South town Gate, "porta civitatis", decorated with renaissance ornaments, still with preserved wooden doors in its origin look. To the east side of the gate, leaned on old town walls, is a so called Small Loggia used in the past for passengers after closing the gate, to rest and wait for the morning to enter the town.

Fortress of St. Marc is situated on north-west end of Trogir islet, built by Venetians in XV century for defense from Turks. It was part of the west defense line together with fortress Kamerlengo.

Town Museum: Placed in old part of Garagnin - Fanfogna palace, takes You on the voyage through Trogir rich history.  Museum collections show the political, cultural and artistic development of the town from its foundation till the 21st century. Famous library of family Garagnin – Fanfogna, collection of stone monuments and sculptures from ancient times to Baroque. Also, three works of art, made by the famous sculptor Ivan Duknovic, are held here.

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Everywhere you go in Trogir area, you will meet very friendly and charming people, smooth combination of southern temperament and warm hospitality, thanks to our long tourist tradition.

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