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Kastela and what do you need to know

Kastela is a series of seven smaller settlements in central Dalmatia by the Kastela Gulf. There are: Stafilic, Novi, Stari, Luksic, Kambelovac, Gomilica and Sucurac. Located northwest of Split, west of Solin (ancient Salona) and east of  town of Trogir, enlisted UNESCO site of world heritage. They are part of the Split-Dalmatian county and are treated as a single city - City of Kastela, with a population of nearly 38000 (2021), although they are individually between 2,500 and 6,500 residents each.

The Kastela Riviera is a fertile area, about 20 kilometers in length, featuring the first Roman floating docks and 50 places on the long, verdant area, northwest of Split. It is divided into Gornja and Donja Kastela, and it consists of seven settlements. The Kastela region with its Mediterranean tone, picturesque landscape and unique composition of natural beauty attracted people since prehistoric times.

Beaches in Kastela are concrete, pebble, with sandy areas in the water.

What can Kastela offer?
Great position:
only 2-15 km far from Trogir
only 2-15 km far from Split
only 10 km far from Split airport
only 5 km far from highway Zagreb-Split
only 60 km far from National Park Krka
only 90 km far from Međugorja

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