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Seget Vranjica and what do you need to know

Seget Vranjica is a tourist resort of Trogir Riviera.

Seget Vranjica is located on the small peninsula 5 km west of Trogir. 8 km from the international Split Airportand 30 km from the city of Split. Seget Vranjica is located in a very exceptional Mediterranean ambient, and as such it is perfect for summer tourists who come with their families. Seget Riviera, with its long and clean sandy beaches, a variety of accommodation facilities on the coast, along with sports and recreational opportunities will offer you an unforgettable vacation.

Coastline of Seget Vranjica is developed, so that abounds in numerous small coves with sandy and pebble beaches. The countryside is characterized by rich Mediterranean vegetation, centuries old vineyards and olive groves, suitable for walking and cycling. Opposite of Seget Vranjica there are islands that are perfect for day trips by boat or yacht, with opportunities for holiday tourists who are inclined to Robinson life.

Population of Seget Vranjica has always engaged in wine and olive growing, fishing, growing figs, livestock, and more recently tourism was accepted as a core economic sector.

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