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Staying in Okrug Gornji apartments how and where?


Okrug Gornji can offer you many apartments and rooms. Almost every house consists of apartment or rooms. There is no hotel in Okrug Gornji (yet). There is tourist board which can help you with all information when you get there and also your host will certainly help you.


There is no rule which part of Okrug Gornji you will choose for your holidays but we will try to help a bit.
If you are without car you can rent it in any place, if you are looking for peace and quietness we suggest you rent apartments in Mavarcica bay. Other places are also quite but Mavarcica is maybe quietest.
If you are without car Milicevo, Saldun and next to Copacabana beach apartments are very good choice for you since you can use boats for Trogir.
If you are sport fan we suggest you Pivetova glavica since tennis courts and fitness it there.
If you like diving or want to take diving school we suggest Mavarcica bay since diving school is there.
If you like beach sports  next to Copacabana beach or Milicevo.
If you like to be with locals and feel like one of the locals you can rent something in old village, this way you will be the closest to open market with fresh vegetables, post office, bank and others...


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Private Accommodation Okrug Gornji

Okrug Gornji and what do you need to know

Okrug is situated on the west part of Island Ciovo. It consists of two traditional Dalmatian inhabited places Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji. The island of Ciovo is connected to mainland by the bridge in ancient Trogir so it makes an entirety with a city. Okrug Gornji is the largest place on Ciovo.
Okrug Gornji consists of several places: Saldun ( nearest to Trogir), Mavarcica bay, Businci, Milicevo, Pivetova glavica and old village.

Okrug Gornji is on island or not?

Okrug Gornji is situated on Ciovo which is an island connected by bridge with mainland.So basically it is island and mainland at the same time. You can go normally, without any payment, to mainland Trogir or to any other town with your car through bridge which is open 24 hours a day. From Okrug Gornji you can go to Trogir, beside by car, by bus and by boat. Boat goes from Copacabana beach every half an hour. You can also return to Okrug Gornji by boat from Trogir. To Trogir you can go with 2 car streets through Zedno or through Saldun.

How big is Okrug Gornji?

Okrug Gornji counts almost 3000 inhabitants and the number increases with tourists during the summer. There are around 20 restaurants, several markets, open market with fresh vegetables, post office, bank, tourist board, fitness centre, tennis courts, diving school, water sports and more that Okrug Gornji can offer you. It is favourable destination for families with children since it is offering nice beaches adapted for kids. It is very quite and ideal choice for families with kids.

What can offer Okrug Gornji?

Great geographical position:
only 2 km far from
only 26 km far from
only 8 km far from Split airport
only 12 km far from entrance to highway Zagreb-Split
only 60 km far from National park Krka
only 100 km far from Međugorje

What else?

2 km long pebble beach Copacabana
numerous small beaches and hidden bays
diving school, windsurfing, sailing
tennis courts, fitness centre
great restaurants
2 670 sunny hours per year
daily trips to other islands

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