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About Us

About Us


Our travel agency was founded in June 2007.

As many as 22 718 clients have booked with us since 2007!

As much as 96.59% of clients would turn to us when choosing an accommodation for their next vacation (based on 2143 comments by clients)

As much as 94.82% of clients would recommend accommodation we offer to their friends (based on 2143 comments by clients))

WE ARE A MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF CROATIAN TRAVEL AGENCIES (UHPA). We are a member of the travelife organization and adhere to principles of corporate social responsibility in tourism.

We are specialized in offering private accommodation in the territory of the republic of Croatia .

We have implemented and certified a quality management system according to the international standard iso 9001:2008 (internationally recognized standardization for quality management systems).

What does it all mean?

It means we offer a quality private accommodation in compliance with specific standards and hospitable hosts.

It means that when you find an accommodation a hundred metres from a pebbly beach it really is a hundred metres from a pebbly beach!

It means that we provide quality products and services you expect.

It means that clients are not just numbers to us which receive automated responses via software!

Our responses are provided by our team – agency employees, holding university degrees and who speak your native tongue and, what is most important, who understand the needs of modern clients.

We will reveal to you the places the local people visit!


We will help you find hidden bays and places where other tourists do not go!

With us, you will FEEL what Croatia is really about.

Meet our team:

Maja Cupic Soletic - Croatica

Maja Čupić Šoletić- Owner and General manager

"We are aware that everybody is waiting for their annual holiday, especially in these stressful times, so with our individual approach we are dedicating us to find their dream apartment and holiday destination.

"After the development of the idea in June 2007 I decided to leave the job at Valamar group and start my own agency."

"Online Croatia travel agency staff is all with college degree, with excellent language skills and professional behavior in tourism and I am extremely proud with their work and contribution."
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Ivana - Croatica

Ivana Mrđen-General sales manager

" I have been working in Online Croatia since April 2008."

" It is very important to have the ability to effectively interact with people, business has to be very organized and attention must be dedicated to providing the highest standards for the guests."

" Dynamic job, communicating with people and a great working atmosphere are what makes Online Croatia really special."
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Antea Bjelis - Croatica

Antea Bjeliš - Sales manager

"I am working in Online Croatia agency as sales manager since 2012."

" I enjoy being a part of the fast changing and exciting tourism business since it gives me opportunity to communicate with different people and get to know different cultures."

" It satisfies me the most when I have the opportunity to meet the client’s needs and help them choose the best destination for their vacation."
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Mare - Croatica

Marija Guljelmović - Public Relations manager

" I have been working in Online Croatia travel agency since March 2013."

" By nature I am a very social and communicative person and working in tourism was a logical choice for me, especially living here in Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic and the whole Croatian tourism."

"I traveled  and visited more then 40 countries in a four diffrent continents where I have experienced many diffrent cultures and met many diffrent people."
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Marija Klokoč

Marija Klokoč- Sales manager

" I started working in Online Croatia in March 2014 as reservation agent."

" Working face to face with clients from all over the world in really many different situations gave me firsthand experience."

" To put myself in their shoes and think about what would they like and how would they feel in apartments I am suggesting them could be one of advantages helping me dealing with different demands."
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Online Croatia travel agency
Cira Carica 3
20 000 Dubrovnik
Telefon +385 20 435 555+385 20 435 555
Fax +385 20 435 555
GSM +385 91 531 16 14 , +385 92 202 07 73
E-mail: info@online-croatia.com 

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