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Dubrovnik islands - Kolocep Lopud and Sipan - The Elaphite islands

If you want to enjoy in peace and quiet in the vicinity of Dubrovnik- visit one of Dubrovnik islands- Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. Vicinity of Dubrovnik and great boat connection allow you to be in the center of events whenever you want and come back to idyllic atmosphere which only island can offer. Placidity of the island, hospitality of the people and crystal- clear sea are the reasons why lot's of visitors want holiday rentals and apartments on one of the Dubrovnik islands. You can enjoy spending your holidays on beautiful sandy beaches or on some hidden bays. Beaches on each island are really gorgeous.

On the island of Kolocep

you can enjoy on the beautiful beaches in Gornje Celo and Donje Celo.

Beach Gornje Celo on the island of Kolocep is beautiful sandy beach which leaves no one indifferent. Island of Kolocep is an island with more then 2500 sunny days in a year and is very desirable tourist destination for its natural beauty and for the vicinity of Dubrovnik (just 20 minutes by boat). Many locals from Dubrovnik come swimming on the beach on Kolocep island because it is really one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik area.

Boat lines for Kolocep island:
Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)
Dubrovnik - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)

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If you are visiting the island of Lopud don't miss to visit the famous sandy beach Sunj

One of three largest islands of Elaphite islands is island of Lopud. The island of Lopud is situated 45 min by boat from Dubrovnik. It is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and tourist offers, but also for the remains of Ancient and Roman constructions and ruins. This island over 2500 sunny hours per year.

Beach Sunj on the island of Lopud - one of the most beautiful beaches on Dubrovnik Riviera but also on the whole Adriatic coast definitely is beach Sunj on the island of Lopud. This beach is favorite one on Dubrovnik area for lot's of tourists but also for many Dubrovnik citizens. Those who are accommodated in Dubrovnik can come on island Lopud within only 45 min by boat and than around 10-15 minutes walking. Sandy beach Sunj is situated on the south - east side of the island and is perfect for families with children just as for the young people who want to enjoy playing with the ball in the ford. The beauty of this beach is in it's sandy ford which extends hundred meters from the coast just as in the picture which you get watching the sea surface at one and pine wood at the other side. There are also 2 restaurants on the beach so there you can fresh up or enjoy some delicious meal.

Boat lines for Lopud island:
Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)
Dubrovnik - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan).

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The island of Sipan also offers you many beaches where you can enjoy your vacations in Croatia.

The island of Sipan is the farthest from Dubrovnik, an hour by boat. Island of Sipan is the biggest from Dubrovnik islands - Elaphite islands and is famous for its sights. On the island of Sipan there are 30 small churches which are the ruins today. On the you can also enjoy the view on renaissance castle of family Stjepovic - Skocibuha and beautiful tower Pakljena from 16th century, and also Church of Holy Spirit in Sudurd with flat roof, largest of this shape on Adriatic.
Close to Sipan island there are lot of islets, numerous bays, crystal-clear sea and abounds of fish that attracts tourists for daily excursions and fish picnics that are organized by many boat owners from Dubrovnik.

Boat lines for Sipan island:
Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan); Dubrovnik - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan). You also have catamaran line / no cars: Dubrovnik - Luka Sipanska - Sobra (Mljet) - Polace (Mljet) - Korcula - Ubli (Lastovo)

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Traffic is only possible on island of Sipan but not recommended.

If you are coming by car you can leave it in Port of Dubrovnik in Gruz (all-day parking price during the summer season is 27 EUR)

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