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Seget Donji and what do you need to know

Seget Donji is situated just 2 km far from Trogir. The village was established, when the Trogir nobleman Jakov Rotondo got the allowance to build a fortified tower around the village. In the town and especially in the fields, one can see the forts built for the defence from the Turks.

Staying in private apartments in Seget Donji how and where?

Seget Donji can offer you great apartments and rooms. There are several places: Seget Vranjica and Seget Donji. It can offer you nice walking area next to the sea and beach which is more than 3 km long, tennis courts, water sports, amazing pebble beaches all the way and old part of Seget Donji where you can feel the spirit of this Dalmatian place.

There are also nice restaurants which are offering traditional food (we can recommend restaurant Frenky in old part of Seget) and modern cafe bars. In Medena hotel complex you can find disco club, dance terrace, fitness centre and sports facilities: sand sports: handball, badminton and volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, trim track, water sports, windsurfing, pedal-boats, motor boats, diving schools, windsurfing schools ... There is also FKK beach in Seget Donji.

Seget Donji is an ideal place for young people and for families.

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What can offer Seget Donji?
Great geographical position:
only 2 km far from Trogir
only 26 km far from
only 10 km far from Split airport
only 5 km far from entrance to highway Zagreb-Split
only 50 km far from National park Krka
only 100 km far from Međugorje

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