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Holiday rentals in Croatia and everything you need to know

What attracts many visitors from the whole world in this small country are its natural beauties, diverse tourist attraction and hospitality of the people who live in Croatia.
The main thing that divides Croatia from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean countries is Croatia is not commercialized (no McDonalds in every corner, all food is organic, no large hotel chains or towns …).  In Croatia, you will see, people live slow and easy, nature is beautiful, sea is still crystal clear. When you wake up in the morning in Croatia, trust us, you will know you are in Croatia and not in some large hotel place with no local people or house miles away.

Whether you arrive in Croatia by plane, by car, by boat / ferry or by bus/ train, Online Croatia informs you about all details you need to know. The main things are this is safe country, you will not see any war leftovers and beside crystal clear see you will be surprises how beautiful small towns Croatia has. You just need to bring your travel documents and check if visa is a necessary for Croatia or for neighboring countries. Read our FAQ

Croatia basic facts
In Croatia there are around 3 900 000 residents. Population consist mainly Croats and religion in Croatia is mostly Roman Catholic.
Croatia is a country with a mild Mediterranean climate - short and mild winters, long and warm summers. The average summer temperature in Dalmatia is 25°C, and the winter temperature is 10°C.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb with 800 000 residents. Zagreb is situated in the north Croatia and we advise you to visit it in any time of the year except summer! Second largest town in Croatia is Split.
Official language in Croatia is Croatian language. Most of the people in Croatia speak English and large numbers of them (especially in south Dalmatia) speak Italian.
The official currency in Croatia is euro (EUR).
Shops and shopping centers in Croatia are usually opened from 08:00 am till 08:00 pm during the week and even longer during summer.

Emergency numbers in Croatia:

Police 192/ Fire help  193/ Ambulance 194/ Roadside assistance 1987
or universal number for emergencies 112


Most attractive part of Croatia for tourists is Dalmatia. It is located along almost the whole coast of the Adriatic Sea. Dalmatia really has many things to offer - national parks, nature parks, old and culturally rich cities and small places which will offer you a peaceful oasis.

The most attractive area is Trogir and Split area, Dubrovnik area and Dalmatian islands. Croatia is also well known for its National Parks.

Trogir and Split area offers you
Islands: Brac , Hvar (top destination) and Korcula (top destination)
Towns: Trogir (top destination), Split (top destination), Zadar and Sibenik
National park Plitvice (250 km from Trogir)
National park Krka (60 km from Trogir)
National park Paklenica (140 km from Trogir)
National park Kornati (60 km from Trogir)
More about Trogir and Split area
Holiday apartments Trogir and Split area

Holiday apartments Trogir
Holiday apartments Split

Dubrovnik area offers you
The most beautiful town in Croatia Dubrovnik (top destination)
National park Mljet (30 km from Dubrovnik)
More about Dubrovnik area
Holiday apartments Dubrovnik area

Holiday apartments Dubrovnik
Holiday apartments Dubrovnik islands

Dalmatian islands offers you
towns Hvar (top destination), Korcula (top destination) and Pag (top destination) - restful oasiswhere you will fill your batteries.

More about Dalmatian islands
Holiday apartments Dalmatian islands

Holiday apartments Hvar
Holiday apartments Brac
Holiday apartments Korcula
Holiday apartments Pag
Holiday apartments Drvenik

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