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Traveling by car

Travelling to Croatia by car

The Zagreb – Split - Dubrovnik Motorway


The motorway from Zagreb to Ploče is 500 km long (not finished yet down to Dubrovnik). Travelling from Zagreb to Split takes approx. 180 minutes. The pay toll is charged according to the distance of the section travelled and according to the vehicle type. Payments at the tollbooths can be made in cash or by credit card.

The pay toll can be paid in foreign currencies, according to the exchange rate of Privredna bank Zagreb on the day of payment. Toll rate Zagreb - Trogir is approx. 25,00 euro for a car (category vehicle I). For Trogir you will see a traffic sign for getting off the some 30 km after Sibenik (Prgomet).

You can also go to Trogir with Adriatic rode road (by the sea coast). Then for ex. from Zagreb it takes about 5 hours. There is no payment for Adriatic rode road. If you are going for Dubrovnik, since A1 motorway currently terminates in Ploče, drivers heading south need to switch to Adriatic Road. Further 30 km after Ploče drivers encounter a small strip of Bosnia and Herzegovina territory around town of Neum, between Klek and Zaton Doli. After that section, the road continues to Dubrovnik close to the coastline.


Relation Driving time Distance
Split-Dubrovnik 3,5 hours 224 km
Split-Trogir 30 minutes 24 km
Split-Zagreb 3 hours 375,5 km
Split-Rijeka 4,5 hours 413 km

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