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    Dubrovnik cuisine

    Main characteristic of Dubrovnik cuisine is not much spices and very much natural food. Dubrovnik cuisine is famous because of its traditionalism and many popular meals which are characteristic just for Dubrovnik such as: zelena menestra (it is the name for many sorts of cabbages and other vegetables with meat), pasticada and famous delicacy- dubrovacka rozata. Most visited restaurants in Dubrovnik are fish restaurants where you can enjoy in great offer of various fish made on many ways.

    Most popular Dubrovnik restaurants are:

    Nautika Dubrovnik

    Nautika- Pile
    Brsalje 3; Tel: +385 (0)20 44 25 26, www.esculaprestaurants.com
    Restaurant Nautika is one of the best and most elite Dubrovnik restaurants. It is situated on Pile, just by the sea. Except great selection of food this restaurant offers you amazing view to the fort Lawrence and excellent service.

    Proto Dubrovnik

    Proto- Old Town
    Široka 1; Tel: +385 (0)20 32 32 34, www.esculaprestaruants.com
    It is situated just in the Old Town. This restaurant offers you great selection of fish and various Croatian wines.

    Gils Dubrovnik

    Gil's Cuisine & Pop Lounge- Old Town
    Sv. Dominika b.b.; Tel: +385 (0)20 32 22 22, www.gilsdubrovnik.com 
    This elite restaurant is situated in the centre of Dubrovnik. If you visit Gil's you will enjoy unforgettable sea view and excellent servece. It offers modern French cuisine and great selection of wines.

    Restaurant Orhan Dubrovnik

    Orhan- Pile
    Od tabakarije 1; Tel: +385 (0)20 41 19 18,

    This restaurant is situated just below the fort Lawrence and offers you to enjoy in a great view. This restaurant offers you large selection of traditional and international meals.

    Restaurant Arsenal Dubrovnik

    Arsenal- Old Town
    Pred Dvorom 1;  Tel: +385 (0)20 32 10 65,
    This restaurant with very special atmosphere is situated in the centre of Dubrovnik. It offers large selection of food and drinks but also a great fun. On weekends, many popular Dubrovnik bands plays here and fun lasts till the morning.

    Restaurant Lokanda Peskarija Dubrovnik

    Lokanda Peskarija- Old Town
    Na ponti bb; Tel: +385 (0)20 32 47 50, www.mea-culpa.hr
    This is fish fast food restaurant situated in the Old Town. From here you have amazing view to Dubrovnik old port and it is one of the most popular Dubrovnik restaurants.

    Restaurant Orsan Dubrovnik

    Orsan- Lapad
    Ivana Zajca 2; Tel: +385 (0)20 43 68 22,

    This beautiful restaurant in Lapad is situated just by the sea. In this great restaurant you can enjoy in the best fish meals in whole Dubrovnik area.

    Restaurant Posat Dubrovnik

    Posat- Pile
    Uz posat 1; Tel: +385 (0)20 42 11 94
    Restaurant Posat is restaurant where you can enjoy really great atmosphere, excellent service and large selection of food and drinks. It is situated on Pile, just next to the City Walls. It offers you amazing view to the City Walls.

    Amfora - mediterranean grill & pasta - Gruz
    Obala S. Radića 26; +385 (0) 20 419 419; +385 (0) 99 2360 544

    Restauran Amfora offers great Mediterranean cuisine in heart of Gruz, Dubrovnik harbour. Pick your spot in the excuisite interior or at the tranquil outside garden terrace. Enjoy home-made pasta, fresh fish or steaks from open fire grill.


    Except all these popular Dubrovnik restaurants with traditional cuisine, in Dubrovnik you can enjoy also in restaurants which offer you international cuisine:

    Cantina Mexicana Dubrovnik

    Cantina Mexicana- Ploce
    Hvarska 6; Tel: +385 (0)20 42 44 45
    Mexican restaurant on Ploce is favourite destination for all those who visit Dubrovnik, especially of young people. Here you will enjoy in all popular Mexican meals, but also in cocktails, great music and very pleasant atmosphere.

    Spageteria Toni

    Špageterija Toni- Old Town
    Nikole Božidarevića 14; Tel: +385 (0)20 32 31 34
    It is situated in the Old Town and offers you large selection of pasta made on various ways. It is perfect for all those who like Italian cuisine.

    Restaurant Bueno Dubrovnik

    Restoran Bueno - Lapad
    Šetalište Kralja Zvonimira
    This new restaurant and pizzeria in Lapad will offer you great selection of various food, kind staff and pleasant atmosphere.

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