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    Dubrovnik is hometown of many famous persons which are known all around the world. All of them are sort of symbol of this town and on some way, they made Dubrovnik immortal.

    Some of the most famous are:

    Marin Drzic

    Marin Držić

    This famous Croatian playwright and prose writer lived in 16th century. He wrote many dramas and comedies like: Pomet, Tirena, Novela od Stanca (Story on Stanac), Dundo Maroje, Skup (The Miser). Lots of his dramas and comedies are being played during Dubrovnik summer festival. There is also Marin Drzic Home in Dubrovnik.

    Ivo Vojnovic

    Ivo Vojnović

    This Croatian writer lived in 19th century. He is often nicknamed as last great Dubrovnik writer. He wrote Geranium, Perom i olovkom, small novel Ksanta, Lapadski soneti. But, his most popular works are those which are being interpreted during  Dubrovnik Summer Festival: Ekvinocijo and Dubrovacka trilogija (Dubrovnik trilogy) in which he describes the fall of Dubrovnik Republic.

    Marin Getaldic

    Marin Getaldić

    Croatian mathematician and physics who lived in 16th century.

    Frano Supilo

    Frano Supilo

    Croatian politician and journalist who was born in Cavtat in 1870.

    Ruder Boskovic

    Ruđer Bošković

    He lived in 18th century. He was mathematician, astronomer, diplomat, physicist and philosopher.

    Vlaho Bukovac

    Vlaho Bukovac

    He is the best Croatian painter. He was born in Cavtat in 1855. In Cavtat you can visit his birth home.


    Except all of them who made Dubrovnik be famous in the whole world, there are many persons who continue doing it even today. They do it through sport, music or art.

    Luko Paljetak

    Luko Paljetak

    Croatian writer who was born in 1943. He is an author of many essays, scientific studies, books for children and poems. He also won many awards for his work.

    Tereza Kesovija

    Tereza Kesovija

    Famous musician from Dubrovnik who is very popular in the whole Europe. She sang her songs on 8 languages: Slovenian, Italian, French, Russian, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Ibrica Jusic

    Ibrica Jusić

    Famous musician who has been working for already 30 years. He has his performances during Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

    Sanja Jovanović

    Famous Croatian Olympic swimmerwho made lots of great results. She is very young girl (she was born in 1986.) but she already won many gold and silver medals.

    Mihovil Spanja

    Mihovil Španja

    This famous Croatian athlete won many gold and silver medals on Paralympics Games. He was born in 1984. and he started swimming when he was just 1.5 years old. Today he is pride of Dubrovnik.

    Jelena Percin

    Jelena Perčin

    This very popular Croatian actress was born in Dubrovnik. Today she acts in many TV series

    Vaterpolo klub Jug Dubrovnik

    Vaterpolo klub Jug

    This is the most popular water polo club in Croatia. His specificity is that almost all of his players are from Dubrovnik and here they have learned how to play. Lots of players from this water polo club were the part of Croatian water polo team when they won 1st place on world championship in Melbourne in 2007.


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