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    Except in sightseeing, enjoying in many offered events or in night life, in Dubrovnik you can also enjoy in some of many performances, see movies in the cinema (also in open-air cinema during the summer), visit some exhibition in gallery, rent-a-kayak, surf or just enjoy in some excursions.

    For all those who want to enjoy in panoramic tour through Dubrovnik with a guide we recommend a panoramic bus- Dubrovnik city tour. When you buy a ticket for panoramic bus you can also travel with local bus for that whole day for free.

    Marin Drzic Theatre

    Marin Drzic Theatre, Old Town - Dubrovnik

    This town's theatre was established at the end of World War II. Today it means a lot for Dubrovnik Summer Festival, but also makes richer cultural life of Dubrovnik. You can enjoy in repertoire based on works of some old Dubrovnik author, but also of modern authors form Croatia or from the world.

    Cinema Sloboda

    Cinema Sloboda, Old Town - Dubrovnik

    This cinema is situated in the Dubrovnik centere - Old Town. It is open throughout the year. All movies are in original language with titles. Ticket price is from 5 euros.

    Cinema Jadran

    Cinema Jadran, Old Town - Dubrovnik

    This cinema in Old Town is open during the summer, from the beginning of June till the end of September. All movies are in original language with titles. Ticket price is from 5 euros.

    Galleries in Dubrovnik

    Galleries in Dubrovnik

    In Dubrovnik you can also visit many galleries. Most of them are situated in the Old Town. ''Art gallery'' is situated in Ploceand it is famous because of its thematic exhibitions, mostly from authors from Dubrovnik or Croatia.



    Dubrovnik is ideal for excursions on nearby islands, Montenegro, Međugorje, Mostar, Cavtat or Konavle.

    Except cultural attractions, cinemas, theatres, beaches, restaurants and enjoying in night life Dubrovnik also offers: diving school, sailing school and many other sports and activities.

    One of the most popular ways of entertainment in Dubrovnik is riding kayak. Adriatic Sea is known as crystal clear sea so traveling with kayak will give you really unforgettable experience. There are many small ridges, bays and caves which cannot be reached any other way except by kayak. You can rent kayak for 1 or for 2 persons.

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