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Old Town (Dubrovnik city center):

Old part of Dubrovnik is favorite part for tourists. Old Town in fact is the whole one world in small place, there you have just everything you may need: many cultural attractions and most famous are City Walls, Rectors' Palace, Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Cathedral treasury, Church of Saint Blaise, Franciscan monastery, Synagogue, Home of Marin Drzic, Ethnographic Museum Rupe, Aquarium, Orlando's column, the Large Onofrio's fountain, galleries, museums, exhibitions, concerts to cinemas, theaters, many cafe bars and restaurants, ... All most important happenings in the town of Dubrovnik are happening in the Old Town, inside the City Walls.

The most famous events are Festivity of Saint Blaise, Carnival, Libertas film festival, Dubrovnik summer festival and New Years Eve. One of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik, Banje beach, is just next to the Old Town. There are many shops where you can buy clothes, banks, post offices, pharmacies, hairdressers, beauty centers and also, really famous, open marketwith fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and may other indigenous products. All these things make Old Town the most famous part of the city for accommodation.

But, the Old Town, despite all its positive characteristics, has also a fault for all those who want to enjoy in peace and quiet. During the day, Old Town is full of people and, during the nights, you can hear music and conversation from many cafe bars and restaurants. However, that liveliness, many street musicians and many people, give to this city the soul and one special charm.


Stradun is the most beautiful, most famous and the widest street in Dubrovnik Old Town. Stradun is only 300 m long, and in the all cross streets take you the stairs. On Stradun are situated some of the most famous cultural attractions as the Large Onofrio's fountain, Franciscan monastery, Sponza Palace, Orlando's column and many others. Also, most of the events are happening on Stradun: Festivity of Saint Blaise, Dubrovnik summer festival and New Years Eve.

If you visit Dubrovnik, do not miss to take the walk on the one of the most beautiful streets in the world and feel the real atmosphere of Dubrovnik.

Also, it is important to say that in the Old Town you cannot come by car because traffic here is forbidden. You have public parking which is 30,00 kunas (cca 4 euro) per hour and public garage at the vicinity of the Old Town which is 180,00 kuna (cca. 24 euro) per day in period 01.05.-30.06 and 220,00 kuna (cca. 30 euro) per day in period 01.07.-31.08. It is just 5-10 minutes walking from the Old Town where you will find a parking place for sure.

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