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Island of Kolocep - peaceful oasis near Dubrovnik

Kolocep island is the smallest settled island in the Elaphite Archipelago and the nearest one to Dubrovnik, it is just 20 minutes by boat from Port of Dubrovnik, in Gruz. The boat lines from Dubrovnik runs to Donje Celo. On the island there are no cars.

Island Kolocep has over 2500 sunny days in a year.  Prevails mild climate, and the indented coastline and small surface of the island, is especially pronounced sea impact - the impact of temperature on air temperature - the average monthly air temperature is above 10°C in winter and in summer below 27 °C.

Clear blue sea surrounds the island. Since ancient times was known as island of fishermen and coral, and even today there is marked fishing area especially rich in lobsters. Locals traditionally spend the evening at the pier, catching fish from the shore.

Beach Gornje Celo on the island of Kolocep is beautiful sandy beach which leaves no one indifferent. Island of Kolocep is a very desirable tourist destination for its natural beauty and for the vicinity of Dubrovnik (just 20 minutes by boat). Many locals from Dubrovnik come swimming on the beach on Kolocep island because it is really one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik area.

Things to see:

There are two settlements on the island, each in sandy bay - Gornje i Donje Celo, which is connected by walking trail, 3 km long. From one settlement to another it takes only 20 minutes walking. There are dozen km long of forest paths. Kolocep is one of the most indented croatian island with many hidden bays, in one of them you can find Blue Cave, in which you can enter only swimming.

During the time of the Dubrovnik Republic in Kolocep were manufactured ships, and even two crew members of Columbus Santa Maria were known sailors from Kolocep. Here were found the archaeological remains of ancient European conquerors - from Greece and Rome, until Napoleon. On the island of only 2.3 km2, is located seven pre-Romanesque church from the time of Croatian kings.

Boat lines for Kolocep island:

Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)
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