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Island of Lopud - island of captains, greenery and beautiful sandy beaches

This beautiful island is located on north-west from Dubrovnik and it is one of the Elaphite Archipelago. Lopud lies between two islands, and by our opinion it is the most beautiful. The surface area of the island is 4,63 km2 and highest point is Polacica (216 m high).

In the past island of Lopud was island of captains, which gave Republic of Dubrovnik many famous sailors and captains. One of them was Miho Pracat. Golden age of Lopud was 15th century when counted more the thousand of inhabitants (today on the island has 270), that owned over eighty ships and the shipyard.

North-east side of the island is not easily accessible because of the rockiness and slippery rocks. Cost line of the island is 11,5 km long, 1,2 km makes sandy beaches. Although the island has over 2584 sunny hours per year, natural spring water provide him green landscape with variety of trees, bushes, plants and many palm trees. Settlement Lopud is located on northwest side of the island and overlooks the island of Sipan. Two hills are connected by beautiful valley that leads to bay by the name of Sunj on the other side of the island.

Things to see:

One of the most beautiful beaches on Dubrovnik Riviera but also on the whole Adriatic coast definitely is beach Sunj on the island of Lopud. It is located on the south - east side of the island and is perfect for families with children just as for the young people who want to enjoy playing with the ball in the ford. This beach is favorite one on Dubrovnik area for lot's of tourists but also for many Dubrovnik citizens (from Dubrovnik you are on the island for only 45 minutes).

The beauty of this beach is in it's sandy ford which extends hundred meters from the coast just as in the picture which you get watching the sea surface at one and pine wood at the other side. There are also 2 restaurants on the beach so there you can fresh up or enjoy some delicious meal.

On the island of Lopud there are many churches and chapels.

Rector's palace - Gothic-Renaissance palace from 1457., Franciscan Monastery from 15th century, and obligatory Park Dordic - Mayneri (known as former villa garden from 14th century, with incredible collection of plants, collected from all over the world) we recommend that you visit. Since the island was inhabited for thousands of years, here you can find many ancient Greek, Roman and Slavic structures and ruins.

On the island of Lopud are not possible to come with a car (you can leave it in Port of Dubrovnik; the price of all-day parking during the season is 27 EUR).

Boat lines for Lopud island:

Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)
Dubrovnik - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan).

More about boat lines to Lopud island

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