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Island of Sipan - island of sailors and Dubrovnik nobility

The island of Sipan is the largest of the Elaphite islands and most inhabited island. The surface area of the island is 16,5 km2 and the highest point is Velji Vrh (243 meters high). Sipan is a long-stretched island cover with lush mediterranean vegetation. Also island is covered with olive trees, grapes, oranges, tangerines, figs, pomegranates and carob.

Kolocep Channel of 1,5 km length, divides the island from the mainland. Island is surrounded by many islets. Numerous bays, crystal-clear sea and abounds of fish attracts tourists for daily excursions and fish picnics that are organized by many boat owners from Dubrovnik.

Traffic is only possible on island of Sipan but not recommended. If you are coming by car you can leave it in Port of Dubrovnik in Gruz (the price of all-day parking during the season is 27 EUR).

Things to see:

During the Dubrovnik Republic era aristocracy and the wealthy built their summer houses as cozy refuge during the summer heat. On the island there are many small votive churches and chapels, because for centuries the island was inhabited by many sailors. Today, the majority of them are just ruins. In Sudurd, near the port, lies the renaissance castle of the family Stjepovic - Skocibuha, whose construction was started in 1529. Also worth visiting are the beautiful tower Pakljena built in 1563. and the Church of Holy Spirit in Sudurdwith a flat roof, largest of this shape on Adriatic.

Boat lines for Sipan island:

Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan)
Dubrovnik - Lopud - Sudurad (Sipan).
You also have catamaran line / no cars: Dubrovnik - Luka Sipanska - Sobra (Mljet) - Polace (Mljet) - Korcula - Ubli (Lastovo)

More about boat lines to Sipan island

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