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Rogoznica and what do you need to know

Former Greek colony and Fishermen's village, today is a typical Mediterranean destination with characteristic architecture, whose residents are traditional devoted to tourism and therefore they are a guarantee for a exceptionally holiday experience.

Rogoznica is located in a natural bay between Sibenik and Split, that is separated from the rest of the Adriatic sea. Rogoznica today is place with more than 1000 citizens and spirit of Mediterranean and Europe you can feel on every step. Many historical monuments and antiquities, like Church of the Assumption (1746.) and St. Nicolas church, tells about tradition and life. Up to 1912. Rogoznica was island. That year the citizens connect the island and coast with a 320 meters long causeway, what was very suitable for city's growth. Worth visiting: Dragon Lake – a unique high and low tide phenomenon – 15 m depth. The bay of course has a wonderful and modern yacht club which can be a retreat for 300 boats. The yacht club is one of the most modern and best developed in this part of the Adriatic and it is able to fulfil all desires to his guests greatest satisfaction.

Rogoznica today is a typical mediterranean village. People mostly work in tourism, on a land or at sea as fishermen . Thanks to preserved atmosphere of typical quiet little place, Rogoznica to its inhabitants and visitors offers peace and rest, completely different from a modern life.

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