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    Slano - what do you need to know
    Village and small harbor in the bay of the same name; 37 km northwest of Dubrovnik. Farming, olive-growing, viniculture, fruit-growing, tobacco, herbs (sage, laurel, woodworm), fishing and tourism are chief occupations. Slano lies on the main road (M2, E65). Yachts can anchor in the small protected Banja cove. Anchoring-ground for larger yachts lies off the entrance in the cove, to the southwest of Cape Gornji. The area of Slano was populated already in the prehistoric period (ruins of a hill-fort and tumuli on the nearby hills) and in the ancient times (a Roman cestrum on the hill Gradina; early Christian sarcophagi, today exhibited in front of the Franciscan church).

    How to get from Slano to Dubrovnik?
    If you want to spend your vacations in Slano you would have to rent-a-car since there is no really good bus connection with Dubrovnik, only 2-3 buses per day… If you are with car, Slano is perfect if you are looking for some quiet place by the sea, close to the town but not in the city crowd.

    Distances between Slano and other popular places around
    only 37 km from Dubrovnik
    only 4 km far from Ratac
    62 km from Dubrovnik airport

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