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    Mlini - what do you need to know and what you must see
    Mlini, 8 km from Dubrovnik, is placed in an area called Zupa dubrovacka, known for its rich Mediterranean vegetation. This traditionally agricultural and fishing area is very popular with tourists due to beautiful beaches and landscapes, mild southern climate and Dubrovnik's rich cultural heritage. If you are looking for a quiet holiday and sandy beaches in the vicinity of a large tourist destination, come to Mlini where you can find accommodation in private apartments
    In former times the place was known for its water mills ('Mlini' means 'Mills') because many brooks and streams enabled their use. The brooks with many small falls still pass through the place and are today inhabited by innumerable ducks. During your stay you should also visit the Church of St. Hilarius (1449) and the Chapel of St. Roch which are both in the vicinity of the beach. Remains of Roman buildings can be found on the way to Cavtat. Mlini is part of the touristic resort of Zupa. Sandy beaches, cafes, restaurants and many other touristic offers are available. Ideal is the vicinity to Dubrovnik and Cavtat (the local buses pass every 30 minutes). In Mlini you can have both, a restful holiday in a silent Mediterranean place and entertainment in touristic centers.

    Is there good bus connection with Dubrovnik?
    Mlini is situated just 8 km from Dubrovnik. Every half an hour there is bus from Mlini to Dubrovnik and also from Dubrovnik to Mlini. Ticket price is about 3 EUR. Also, Mlini is situated just 12 km from Dubrovnik airport. Place Mlini is situated some 10 km from Cavtat and you need to pass Mlini when you go from to Cavtat to Dubrovnik. If you would like to visit also Cavtat, you can just catch a bus hich drives from Dubrovnik to Cavtat and stops in Mlini. Bus goes every hour. There are many boats which drive every day from Mlini to nearby islands as Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Mljet

    How big is Mlini?
    In this place live around 1 000 inhabitants and this number increases with tourists during the summer. There are few restaurants, many bars, markets, fitness centre, diving school, water sports and many other activities Mlini can offer. It is favorable destination for families with children since it is offering nice sandy beaches adapted for kids and it is really extremely quiet and nice.

    What Mlini can offer?
    Great geographical position:
    only 8 km far from Dubrovnik
    only 10 km far from Cavtat
    only 12 km far from Dubrovnik airport
    only an hour driving to Montenegro

    What else?
    numerous beaches and hidden bays
    diving school, windsurfing, sailing
    fitness centre
    great restaurants
    great night clubs
    2670 sunny hours per year
    daily trips to other islands


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