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Mimice is a small Mediterranean place with mild climate situated in the centre of Adriatic. It lays between the Omiška Dinara Mountain and beautiful pebble beaches,11 kilometers from the town of Omis and 23 kilometers from the town of Makarska. Mimice is more than three centuries old, the proof of which are the monuments found near the local church. 

There are available shops , bars, restaurants , post office , tourist office , and other facilities that will provide you and your family holidays at extremely gracious and hospitable hosts.You will relax away from the crowds . Peaceful restaurants , bars located on the beach will remain in your memory. In addition to the unusually beautiful beaches , swimming in the clear blue sea and stay in Mimice offers and opportunities of long walks on groomed trails and unpaved roads with a length of 20 km , below the mountains , the beautiful landscape .
It is possible to ride a bicycle from Omis , and continue along the canyon of the river Cetina in Omis pours into the sea. In Omis Dinara mountain ,above Mimice , there are several caves , interesting for the tour .

In the gastronomical offer of Mimice one dish stands out. It is SOPARNIK from Mimice. ‘Soparnik’ is luscious, and its taste combining the flavors of vegetables, raisins and olive oil is irresistible. 

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