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    Gorica Svetog Vlaha, 10-15 minutes walking to the Old Town, 5 minutes by bus

    Part of Dubrovnik which is really on a great location, close to the Old Town and still far enough, with an amazing view to the sea, is called Gorica Svetog Vlaha. This part of Dubrovnik is situated 1-1.5 km from the city center and has great bus connection (bus number 4 drives every 20 minutes, the ride takes 5-10 minutes, ticket price is just 1,99 euro and it's valid for an hour). On Gorica Svetog Vlaha you can enjoy in many cafe bars which are favorite among young people in Dubrovnik. The most beautiful beach in this part of the city is beach Bellevue - beautiful sandy-pebble beach.

    If you want to book the accommodation close enough to the Old Town and not to use the bus, definitely Gorica Svetog Vlaha is the right choice for you.

    Bus and taxi

    Traffic in the Old Town (inside the City Walls) is forbidden. As far as traffic outside the City Walls, Dubrovnik is very well covered by taxi service. There are taxi stops on the both sides to the Old Town, at Pile Gate and at Ploce Gate. Phone number of taxi service is 00385 (0)20 970 and it works every day 24 hours a day. It is very useful to know that start of driving is 25,00 kunas (3,33 euro).

    City Bus Dubrovnik

    Also, you can use local bus service Libertas. There is bus station on Pile from where most of the bus lines leave for all parts of the city. Ticket price is 1,99 euro and it's valid for an hour. You can buy ticket at any tobacco shop (price is 1,73 euro) or in the bus (price is 1,99 euro).


    All additional information you can check on www.libertasdubrovnik.com

    Bus timetable Dubrovnik town

    Relation:                                        Bus number:

    Old Town - Lapad               5, 6
    Old Town Gruž                  1A, 1B, 3, 8
    Old Town - Gorica Sv. Vlaha    2, 4
    Gruž - Lapad                   7
    Gorica Sv. Vlaha - Lapad       5

    Free number for inquiries and complaints:

    0800 1910

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