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Brsečine - what do you need to know

Brsečine is settlement situated between Trsteno and Slano in the south of Croatia, around 20 km north-west of town Dubrovnik.

Brsečine was built above the bay Brsečine, facing Elaphite islands - island of Lopud and island of Šipan. It is protected of wind scirocco with breakwater from the sea and with limestone cliffs from wind bura. Brsečine has around 80 inhabitants. Inhabitants are mostly directed to agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Attractions in Brsečine: in the cove is the summer mansion of the Zuzorić family from the 16th century and above the cove the fortified mansion of the Ohmučević-Bizzaro family, with a chapel and a park, from the 17th century. The village also features the church of St. George and next to it the ruins of a small church of St. Stephen.

Brsečine is perfect if you are looking for some quiet place by the sea, close to the town but not in the city crowd.

Distances between Brsečine and other popular places around

only 12 km from Slano
only 6 km from Orašac
only 20 km from Dubrovnik
45 km from Dubrovnik Airport

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