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Ćilipi and what do you need to know
Ćilipi is a settlement located in the municipality Konavle, Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Ćilipi is located 22 km from Dubrovnik, and only 5 km from Cavtat, the largest settlement in Konavle. Villages in Konavle region still maintain the appearance of traditional stone architecture that speaks of the concern of all segments of life, culture of housing, culture, farming and traditional respect for the time being and sense of belonging to space ambience Konavle. Ćilipi is the village that cherishes traditional values of Konavle region. Known for its conserved folk customs, rich hand-made costumes, recognizable by their elegance and distinctive silk. National costume of Konavle region is among the most beautiful in Croatia. On in the main square, in front of the Parish Church of St. Nicholas local folk groups performed songs and dances of Konavle region every Sunday from Easter until late October, for already four decades. Nearby is the international airport - Dubrovnik Airport, the second busiest airport in Croatia.

How to get from Ćilipi to Dubrovnik?
Staying in Ćilipi is the best choice if you would like to stay close to Dubrovnik airport which is also situated in Ćilipi or if you would like to be close to Cavtat which is just 5 km from Ćilipi. Staying in Ćilipi allows you to spend your vacations in village where everything is still traditional, calm and peaceful, really untouched by time, but also very close to the beaches and larger places like Cavtat and Mlini or Dubrovnik. But if you want to spend your vacations in Ćilipi you should rent-a-car since there is not really good bus connection with Cavtat or Dubrovnik, only several buses per day…

Distances between Ćilipi and other popular places around
only 22 km far from Dubrovnik
only 10 km far from Mlini
only 5 km from Cavtat
in the same place where Dubrovnik airport
only half an hour driving to Montenegro

Why to visit Ćilipi?
enjoy in quiet and peaceful environment of a place untouched by time
visit local wine cellar and taste wines
attend mass in local church
watch traditional and really memorable folklore dancing in national costumes
stay close to Dubrovnik airport
spend your vacations in village so close to the city and so far from the crowd

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